November Update

Hello everyone and happy holidays!  

Character Updates

We have two new characters to introduce. Meet Para and Ari, their character design is based on a lovebird and parakeet. I'm still developing their character profile and story, all I can say for now is one is easygoing and one is shy. Along with Teangi, Ahmar, Chiara this is the full cast of main characters. The software that I use for my characters is getting a huge update and art style change so I won't be working on side and NPCs until the update comes out. 

Mechanics Update

I was struggling a lot with coding the messaging system trying to get it looking the way I want it. After a couple of weeks, I finally got it! I'm still working on the points and story branching systems.  I modified Saguaro's basic message system. Although you can not reply to the messages, answering them in a timely manner will result in a change of dialogue. 

Design Update 

As of right now, I am using  Jaime Scribbles Games' GUI pack since it's kinda I wanted. I modified the textbox sew it can fit the theme. 

Thank you/ Other

I want to thank all of you sew much for continuing to support me, it means a lot especially at this time. Also I changed my name for the third and final time. When I was Rail Road Studios it felt like people didn't understand that it was a play on my real and was confused by it. Plus people kept tagging me in pictures of trains 🙃. With Inko Dev there was already one and I did not want people to get us confused. Ginger Rail Gaming sounds nice and up my alley. 

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