What's to come for Chapter 2

Hello all! So it's been some months since I have released or updated anything and I'm sorry. I've been busy with life and was not able to develop anything in the game until recently. Also, my creative switch has been turned off ever since August so, my idea well was dry.  I finally got a working script for Chapter 2 after scrapping and rewriting for months. In addition to working on the script, I've also been working on maps, weapons, traits, etc.  


Chapter 2 and the rest of the chapters are going cost $2.99 each. This is going to support the cost of making the game, and help speed up the development. The first 10 downloads are going to be free to those who want to support but can not afford to do so.



A new character has enter 

Everyone this is Nojus, he's our newest member and also our white mage. Although he is a great mage he also has a slight attitude problem. This may or may not affect how he gets along with member(s) of the party. As for the last one well...you'll know in time. 

How it started how it's going


Since I created this character I wasn't 100% sold on the look, I decided to change his hair, eyes, & face to make him better fit my vision. I wanted to keep the color scheme since my favorite color is blue. 

Support & funding 

I want to first start off by saying this. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DONATE! This game is 100% self-funded which means I take the financial risk of developing the game.  There are two ways to support the game: one is going to my teespring and purchasing a shirt, two is supporting me on Patreon. If that is not your style you can always donate here. 



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