Other ways to level up in AOY

Ah yes grinding. It’s a great way to level up in any RPG but… it can get very repetitive and boring after a while. In Adventures of Yi, there are no random encounters or on-screen battles. There is only one way to level up and that is in the Den of Judgment where you battle for 5 consecutive rounds in 5 different areas of the map. Those are few and far in between and the first one is mandatory since it is a part of the story. I implemented other ways of leveling up your characters while also trying to keep it fun and interesting.



The first option is to go to selected shops and speak to the shop owner(s). You can only choose one item at a time and once the item is selected the option will be permanently disabled. You'll first see this in the Port of Avalon. Go to the bakery and speak to the owner and she'll give you 6 different options of coffee to choose from each one gives you different stats or items.


Gyms are the second way two level up in Adventures of Yi and how this works is you pay for a membership. Go to any equipment, select a level, and execute a series of command chains and once that's done you get a good amount of either EXP or gain stats. Whenever you complete a series of levels go and talk to the gym manager and you receive some pretty cool rewards.

And that is all of the updates for this week or month... as I said in my previous post that I'm not going to give out dates anymore. I can tell you that most of the work that I had to do was solved by updating a plugin so it should be out sooner than later. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a good day.


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