Hello everyone.

 I know that you've noticed I've been gone for three months now and I have a very legitimate reason. My father who I've been a caregiver since 2021 passed away in October of 2022. After his passing I haven't worked on any of the games I've been developing, my creativity tanked and, I have been extremely depressed. I still am fighting through all these emotions, and I don't know when I'll be back to creating content like I was before his passing. I'm going to try to get something out it's just been really hard to be creative and, be 1000 when your whole world just basically turned upside down. At first, I was I was just going to cancel these two projects, but I know people were looking forward to them. I owe it to myself to push through and finish these projects that I've worked really hard on for years. He helped me with some of music created for the games. My father would listen to the music that I did for Adventures of Yi and give his feedback so, I also don't want his time and effort to be in vain. 


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